Abalone in Canada has been closed for many years now. Our Abalone is still considered 'west coast' as comes from California.

#26 and #27

We create Earrings and Necklaces, as sets or singles.

Various styles of Earrings #26

Natural Shapes
Nugget, round, oval with copper and hematite (a BC stone)
 With BC Nephrite Jade...
other styles...
With chain, ovals, nuggets, tiny ovals...

The following Paua Abalone Earring (this Abalone is from New Zealand and is more Blue than Green West coast/California Abalone. BC Abalone has been closed for more than 20 years and sources for Green Abalone are now either Oregon or California)

Beaded style...
Other styles... Abalone plus...#27 with soft, flexible, durable buna cord with stainless cable chain insert, lobster claw clasp, extender chain...All styles are one of a kind and particular beads will differ from the ones shown. In general Abalone plus will have 3 to 5 Abalone pieces, depending on Abalone sizes.
With buna and fully beaded style

 With Chain

 ...Abalone elite...one of a kind pieces