Antler, Prehistoric Ivory, and Resin

These are some examples of Bill's Pehistoric Wooly Mammoth, Antler (Elk, Moose and Deer) inlaid ewith semi-precious stones and Resin inlaid with natural mosses. Pendants are available strung on simple cords with lobster clasps for cost-effective and unisex appeal, on semi-precious stone strands or on buna cord and semi-precious stone combo. Examples shown here. Please inquire about prices as there are various price points to choose from. Carvings can be ordered on simple cords with clasps for example.

#41 - Bear carved from Woolly Mammoth Tusk Bark. The Bark has natural colouring picked up from the minerals of stones it lay buried with. Stone is Tiger eye.
#41 - Prehistoric Ivory from the center of a tusk. Stone is Ocean Jasper.

#40 - Deer (sm) and Elk (lg) Antler inlaid with Turquoise and Amber.

Other styles available, please enquire on these beaded pieces.

Deer Antler with Turquoise and Amber and natural insect inclusion.
Deer Antler with Copper and Rhodochrosite inclusions strung on Buna with Tiger eye.
Resin Pendant with natural Amber and Amazonite necklace.