Beach Pebble Jewelry

Tofino Beach Drift - 2011 Spring and Summer line

The series includes local driftwood which has been cleaned and varnished, recycled bottle glass, copper, abalone, and my handmade artisan beach pebbles from polymer clay.

"Beach Pebble Bracelets"

#30 - Beach pebbles and glass
These Beach pebbles fool the naked eye. Everyone that has touched them has wondered why they are so lightweight. Each stone is carefully crafted and re-created from translucent and opaque polymer clays, then mixed with spices, embossing powders and textured to enhance their realism. Bracelets are most size fits all. Strung with recycled bottle glass beads as well as driftwood (when available). Bracelets are boxed with card.
Earrings also available (see pictured with #29a below)

#32f -  Lariat necklaces with imitative beach pebbles from polymer clay and frosted recycled glass that resembles beach glass. We also have styles with just the glass.

The lariats measure between 38" and 56" and can be worn long, knotted, or doubled (to look like one is wearing 2 necklaces).

#29a - The shorter necklaces are anywhere from 16" to 24" long.

#34 - Long Copper, Driftwood, Beach pebble and glass Lariats. Available at different lengths and also with Abalone, at a slightly higher price. (38" +) 

These are really versatile and can be worn in a few ways as they have heavy links of chain and a lobster clasp to allow for various sizes...

  • Belt...loose on hip or tighter around waist
  • long lariat
  • doubled as a two strand necklace
 Chain and links are soldered copper, driftwood, abalone shell and handcrafted beach pebbles 


#29a - Beach Pebble pendants, drift, pebbles and glass - various adjustable lengths

Drift wood daggers with pebbles, adjustable length 16 - 18"
#31 Pebble doublets with metal Scroll Necklaces

#32e - 3 examples of pebble earrings

#32 - single pebble and wire scroll necklace
enquire on larger pebble necklaces