Piece of the Ocean #38

These pendants are skillfully created by Bill Holden from local west coast materials such as lichen, moss, shells and beach pebbles. Bill then permanently adheres the miniature scenes with repurposed Canadian Pine, Maple, Oak or valuable Makassar Ebony, Ebony, Angel wood or Kingwood. The Pine allows for a light coloured background, the Kingwood for medium and the Ebony for dark depending on what kind of image Bill wants to achieve.
... each pendant is created with much thought. Besides the specific and scientific resin aspect, the fine wood is sanded to velvety softness and buffed to a high sheen and polished with wax for long-lasting beauty.

A short slideshow of examples…

Piece of the Ocean Pendants by Bill Holden http://beadcomber.com

Necklaces measure 16 to 18" long with an extension chain and our signature hematite bead dangle. Mounted on Tent Cards

#38 Piece of the Ocean
available as Hearts (please see the page for “Piece of my Heart”), rounds, ovals, sea stars, shells and rectangles. Choose from Forest and Beach Scenes, Abalone, Sunsets, and Shell.

At a glance
underwater scenes abalone shell etc
Metallic underwater scene Abalone, Fauna and Shell
Beach scenes Ocean sunsets
beach scene beach and forest
round scene round sunsets
Underwater scenes more underwater
oval and sm round ovals
ovals and small round Beach scenes
other shapes
Sea star and shell

Sea star / starfish Shapes...

#36 Beach Scenes (Resin pendants and exotic hardwoods, abalone dangles)

#39 - Gorgeous lustrous abalone beaded / semiprecious stones