Whaletail Jewelry

#47b Necklaces with semiprecious stones

#46 Earrings and #47 Necklaces on cords
available in
black, silver, copper, cream (bone colour), antique bone, raku, colours like the starfish, multi-colour, textured (like above) and smooth (such as the black)

Black whale-tails, Earrings and Necklaces
On far right, longer style men's necklace with bone beads
Silver Whale-tails, Earrings
Beaded Necklace (enquire),
(Orca Earrings and Necklaces currently not available)

#47a Whaletails on hemp or beaded with semiprecious stones, popular in the summer
 Whale-tails on soft quality Hemp and recycled Glass beads, with adjustable stainless steel and splitring for men clasp and highquality silverplated brass lobsterdclasp and chain for women , Turquoise whale-tail (lg) 
Other Whaletails available...Carved by Bill...500 year old Cedar Root whale-tail carving with strand of A+ labradorite beads (lots of flash) and sandalwood. We have many types of semiprecious stones (please enquire)