Inukshuk Jewelry

#32a - Inukshuk Earrings. Dainty pebbles and so light you won't even know you are wearing them. Come with nylon stoppers. Nickel-free. Silver over tin/brass.

#32c - Inukshuk on cord with clasp and extension cord (unisex)
or rubber cord tubing with stainless steel insert. 
 Available in grey tone stones and multi colour stones on silver and copper. (with or without semiprecious stones) shown here with tubing (had stainless steel cable insert). Next photo shows masculine version without metal beads and with knots on either side of pendant.

#32b - Inukshuk Disc Pin/Brooch

#32d - Inuksuit (plural of Inukshuk,  but I like using Inukshuk for plural because most people know it as such)
Discs: larks head knot for mens style or silver bail for womens style