Batik Jewelry and Bracelets

I'm the Inventor and Designer of the Batik and Shimmer Resin Jewelry. I teach this technique via online tutorials. Visit my blog for more info.
I developed the technique using artist quality polymer clay, foils, inks and resin. The designs are made in batches for matching earrings, pendants, bracelets. Although it is possible with some skill to recreate previous colours and designs, the nice thing about Batik is the surprise element involved in the process, much like the batik process for fabrics. In this regard a customer will always receive totally unique pieces.

metal choice is copper (tarnish free) or silver (nickel free)

below are examples. If you are uncertain about styles, shapes, colours, let us choose a variety for you. Picking doesn't need to be difficult.

(Pricelist available for retail / wholesale)
42    Necklace   various shapes and colours
43    Earrings    stud/clip    small 15mm
43a  Earrings    small dangle
43b  Earrings    stud/clip    medium 20mm
43c  Earrings    medium dangle
43d  Earrings    large dangle and/or with starfish/sand dollars/gemstones
44    Bracelet    large tiles
45    Bracelet    small tiles


#43a , little flower shape earrings, 15mm in diameter. Available in #43 as a pierced stud or as clip on. (shown is colour 'multi')

#43 - Studs, small 15mm (nickel free) with nylon stopper, carded (shown is fuschia/purple)

Various styles, clip ons available...43a and b's (15-20mm)
43a pattern is brickroad, colour is cobalt with turquoise and green
a set of matching earrings and necklace may look like this

Batik can also be available without pattern in popular colours

Necklace cords are silken black nylon, but we also have satin ribbon with cotton cord like these in a range of colour

43c medium dangle in multi colour, Klimt pattern and leaf shape...

size comparison of 43a small cobalt blue rectangles and 43d large fuschia/purple rounds

#43c - Earrings with Starfish

#42a - Necklace with Starfish and/or Gemstone

shapes include rectangles, rounds, football (leaf), square (diamond) and heart

#42 Batik Necklace (examples)
on cord with lobster clasp and extension chain and hematite bead dangle. Nickel free silver over brass.

#45b Batik Bead Embroidered Necklaces
These pendants are mounted on Ultrasuede and beaded. Onyx beads are strung on the tubing cord that is finished with stainless steel cable inserts and finished with lobster clasp and extension chain.

Batik Bracelets - various colours - sizes and styles - no clasp stretch 
Polymer Clay Tiles and Resin Bracelets are created by Tina with various textures, colours and metallic highlights. Choose random patterns and colours or from above choices. First the base is created with colourants, foils and textures. The shapes are then cut, assembled, trimmed and fired. Then resin is applied and cured and finally the pieces are sanded, buffed and strung. The bracelet tiles have great depth and are wonderfully detailed. 

#44 - Lg. tiles  (1" x 1 1/2") 
#45 - Sm. tiles (3/4" x 1")
Examples of large tile bracelets in rectangles or pagoda ovals

Large ovals Bracelets:

Large and small comparison:

Small tile Bracelets - various colours - Klimt, Asian Influence...

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If you are uncertain about colours, shapes, styles, let us choose a variety for you...