Picasso, Tree of Life and Reiki Pendants

Picasso Pendants

#24 Pendants

Small (single scroll, approx. 2 to 3")

Medium (double scroll, approx 3") 

 Large  (double scroll, approx 3.5 to 4.5")

#25 - Earrings
are all single scroll(similar to small pendant but a little smaller)

The pendants are priced for small, medium and large.
Pendants are strung on silken nylon, standard length is 16 to 18" but longer styles can be requested at no extra charge. Necklaces all have a 2 inch extender with signature hematite bead (said to be the stone of harmony and balance).
Pendants can also be requested to be strung with tube cording (with stainless steel cable insert) and symetrical beads on cords such as seen below. There is a small additional charge for this, but this also adds to the overall look of these artful pieces.

(photo on right show small in center, med. on left and large on right)

 These designs are named after Pablo Picasso for the unusual shapes. I hammer the blackened steel shapes on an anvil and then coat them with a quick drying matte artist agent to make them tarnish resistant. I then use copper and various gemstones to fill in the angles and curves. These pendants take time to achieve balance between the shapes and sizes and even types of stones.

I use stones from A to Z, from Amber to Zebra stone. Occasionally a piece will even include an unusual piece such as Meterorite (Moldavite) or Dragonscale Agate.

Tree of Life Pendants 

#25b The pendants are created from hammered and twisted wire, nickelfree silver or non-tarnish coated jewelers grade copper. The trees are made with various gemstones such as BC Jade, Tigers eye, Amethyst, Amazonite,Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Iolite, Peridot, Mookaite, Quartz and Rose quartz crystals.

Reiki Pendant

As a Reiki level II,  I designed this pendant with stones said to balance the Chakras and charged the symbol ChoKu Rei which symbolizes the power of focus of mind and heart. It's basic meaning is "I have the key."  I combined this symbol with the 7 Chakra stones. The pendant is strung on silken nylon with extender and is mounted on a card with legend on the back, describing the Chakras and stones.

#25a Reiki Pendant